How to Build - Modify the Game Template


Click the + button on the dashboard to create a campaign.


Select "(Mobile) Web". And select "Lucky Draw".


Choose the game template you want.


Turn off "Use Heart (Game Life) System". And click "Customize Game".


Modify the selected game template. Help on editing templates
For reference, playable advertisements through studios only support fixed game templates and do not support custom production desired by game developers.


Turn off Social Sharing in "Result & Call To Action".
Turn on "Call To Action - Visit Website".


Enter the website to be connected to when the user clicks the bottom banner on the screen displayed after the game.
Click "Edit this Screen" on the right.


Modify the screen after game ends. For reference, the buttons on the right side of Replay are all deleted when converting to ZIP.

Service method - Create ZIP file for DSP loading

In order to add the HTML5 game modified by the studio to the DSP, you need to convert it into a ZIP file.

This work must be done manually by a software engineer. For ZIP file requests, please contact Estimated prices are below.

Contents Price
Game price CHF 119
(0.00 USD / 0.00 EUR)
ZIP file creation cost CHF 900
(0.00 USD / 0.00 EUR)
Additional cost (on request) logo removed CHF 300
(0.00 USD / 0.00 EUR)
change sound CHF 90
(0.00 USD / 0.00 EUR)
DSP event tracking CHF 150
(0.00 USD / 0.00 EUR)


Does the ZIP file, a playable ad format, work properly on your DSP? If you need a test, please contact us at and we will send you a test file.

It works fine on most DSPs, but it is expected that additional tests will be needed for DSP event tracking for analytics. If you send us technical data related to this, we will help you test without charge.